About JPPInvestigates

JPPInvestigates is a new initiative of Justice Project Pakistan that takes the audience behind the scenes of our organisation’s investigations into critical human rights and legal justice cases. This initiative is a part of JPP’s continuing efforts to engage the public in some of the most critical human rights and legal justice issues facing the country, and to give the wider public an opportunity to participate, support and contribute to our efforts to protect some of the most vulnerable members of our society.

JPPInvestigates is a series of short, focused video documentaries that take the viewer behind the scenes of some of our most difficult and urgent cases, and allows them to participate in our investigations. It reveals the challenges and obstacles human and legal rights advocates face on a day-to-day basis, and the strategies employed to overcome them. But perhaps most importantly, it highlights the need for direct public participation and support to confront and stop situations of human injustice and cruelty.

We invite members of the public to join our efforts to protect the vulnerable, reveal the unjust, and struggle for a more equitable and just legal system in Pakistan. JPPInvestigates opens the window on the challenges facing our legal and research teams, and reveals how critical investigations and questions are pursued and resolved as we prepare to fight the cases we represent. Audience participation can be in multiple forms:

  • Crowd Sourcing of specific investigations where possible
  • Stronger audience participation in discussions and dialogue based on specific cases
  • Contributing to investigations through online discussions and suggestions, or even volunteering

A resource for public participating, crowd sourcing and legal knowledge and education, JPPInvestigates is the first initiative of this kind, and a crucial contribution for our commitment to a more transparent and democratic national court and judicial system.